Audio Transmission

High-quality realtime two-way audio transmission using SourceConnect Now.

See our Client & Projects List.

Broadband internet audio transmission to your FTP site in the format of your choice.
You can also download your audio from my FTP site or web server, and you can upload audio to my FTP server.

Composition & Production

A full range of composing services, including radio and television underscore, jingles, and arrangments at competitive prices. See our Client & Projects List.


Sync-to-picture, audio for broadcast, CD replication prep, audio sweetening, news mixing.

Narration & Voice-over

I do regular voice work for a number of clients. I also work with local talent, and have a large, world-class voice pool available via SourceConnect Now.

Video Editing

I use Vegas Video Pro and have produced hundreds of videos. You can stream embedded video from my YouTube channel or you or I can upload it to yours. I specialize in animated still-motion, but have done considerable production using motion video. I can also do simple 3D animation.