Room & Equipment

Room & Equipment

The Room

Construction: Radiant slab, Staggered-stud interior walls, 3/8"+1/2" sheetrock, Live-end/Dead-end treatment in control room.

Control Room:
Dimensions: 14'x16'
Profile: sloped ceiling 6'-12'
Tie lines: 16 mic lines, 6 balanced lines

Iso Room:
Dimensions: 9'x10'
Profile: sloped ceiling 6'-9'
Tie lines: 8 Mic lines, 2 tie lines, 2 12g speaker lines.

Machine room:
Dimensions: 6'x8'

The Gear

Hex Core AMD (6x3.2GHz) with FrontierDesign Dakota card
Internal BluRay burner

Nearfields: Fostex 8301B
Mains: Yamaha MSP5

Console & Mic Pre: 
Console: PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2
Mic pres: Focusrite Voicemaster, ART Tube MP

Rode NT1
AKG 414B ULS (matched pair)
Sennheiser ME66 shotgun
Fostex M20RP (MS Stereo ribbon)
EV N/D257
Shure SM57 & 58

MIDI gear: 
Roland JV-30 Synth
Oberheim OB-3 Hammond module

Cubase 6
Vegas Video Pro 12
DVD Architect 6
Finale 12

Linear Tape Recorders:
Alesis HD24 (hard disk recorder) with SSD drive (use mostly for remote recordings)
Alesis ADAT XT
Panasonic SV3500 DAT
Otari 5050B 1/4" analog

Other Outboard Gear: 
FrontierDesign Tango 24bit 8-channel converter
DBX166 compressor/limiter/gate
RNC compressor

1989 Yamaha C3 6-foot Conservatory Grand
with full sostenuto
Completely rebuilt, sounds awesome